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Posted by on 八月 29, 2016

新月祈願?占星原理公開-紀念最愛的靈魂占星家Jan Spiller


註1. “Hesiod: Works And Days”trans. By Hugh G. Evelyn-White

( )(最後連結日期2016/08/28)

註2. 「月亮書-從圓缺週期發現生活智慧」-約翰娜‧寶格著,葉宗琪譯,2007,方智出版,P.105

註3. “Bonatti On Election: Treatise 7 of the Book of Astronomy”trans. By Benjamin Dykes, 2010, The Cazimi Press, P.763

註4. ”The Magic of Evectional Astrology” by . Lee Lehman, 2015, Schiffer, P.91

註5. 「占星學(上)」-秦瑞生著,2003,于天出版,P.303

註6. “Tetrabiblos”by Ptolemy trans. By F.E.Robbins, 1940,LOEB, P.33

註7. 以地球為中心、由內向外行星繞行地球的軌道依序為月、水、金、太、火、木以及土星。

註8. Authentic Maya ( (最後連結日期2016/08/28)

註9. Solar Wind Explodes on Venus by Astro Biology Magazine, 2012/3/9(最後連結日期2016/08/28)

註10. “Extreme” Solar Wind Blasts Mercury’s Poles” by Ray Sanders on Universe Today, 2015/12/24 (最後連結日期2016/08/28)

註11. Voyager Reaches Interstellar Space by JPL ( (最後連結日期2016/08/28)

註12. ”Electric Moon Jolts the Solar Wind”by Bill Steigerwald on NASA ,2012/05/30( (最後連結日期2016/08/28)

註13. Lunar distance (astronomy) (https:/最後連結日期2016/08/28)

註14. Anthologies by Vettius Valens, trans by  Mark Riley , Book II, P. 46 ( (最後連結日期2016/08/28) “The New Moon is indicative of rank and power, of kingly and despotic dispositions , of all public business concerning cities, of parent, marriages, religion, and of all universal, cosmic matter. The rulers of the new moon, of the latitude, and the motion are indicative of the same things.”

註15. Anthologies by Vettius Valens, trans by  Mark Riley , BookIV, P. 71-74″In addition we can use the same apheta for new or full moon nativities, since at those times the Lot of Fortune nd Daimon fall in the same sign, but when we investigate the chronocratorship in such nativities wtih respect to physical health,we will start the vital sector at that very sign, but the chronocratorship with respect to activity at the one immediately following the Lot. This isparticulary true for night births or for those nativities which have the new moon at IC and as a result have the angles square with the Lots. The results of a new moon are better than those of a full moon because at a new moon the Lots are in the Ascendant, at full moon they are in the Descendant.”

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